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The LCTA PTA is made up entirely of parent volunteers who devote their time and energy to making our school community the best it can be! Please stop us and say hi when you see us and let us know how we can help. We are always happy to chat and always happy to welcome new volunteers!

Meet Your Executive Committee

Meet Your Board At-Large

Laura Burkart.jpg

Ms. Laura Burkart

School Principal

Hi Res-IMG_8797-Edit-Edit.jpg

Emi Eiting

Yearbook Chair, Sprout Supplies Chair

Aniss Chad.JPG

Aniss Chad

Fifth Grade Promotion Chair

Minna Cirino.jpg

Minna Cirino

International Night Co-Chair

Kendra Lee Davis.jpg

Kendra Lee Davis

Lion Fest Co-Chair

Lori Ruiz.jpeg

Lori Ruiz

Love Lines Chair

Anna Kiss.png

Anna Kiss

Treat Trolley Chair



Blessings in a Backpack Chair


Ms. Melissa Redlinger

Teacher Liaison

Cyd Henry.heic

Cyd Henry

Book Fair Co-Chair

Paige Guthrie.webp

Paige Guthrie

IDEA Co-Chair

Nicole Lipman.jpg

Nicole Lipman

International Night Co-Chair

Chelcie Daye.jpeg

Chelcie Daye

Lion Fest Co-Chair

Victoria McLaren.webp

Victoria McLaren

Reflections Co-Chair

Kareen Sultani.jpg

Kareen Sultani

Uniform Locker Chair



Garden Chair

Natalie Acosta.jpg

Natalie Acosta

eROAR Newsletter Chair

Marissa Sparacino.webp

Marissa Sparacino

Book Fair Co-Chair

Robin Sundaramoorthy.webp

Robin Sundaramoorthy

IDEA Co-Chair

Kloe Cella.webp

Kloe Cella

Legislative Affairs Chair

Cornelia Turyn.heic

Cornelia Turyn

Lion Fest Co-Chair


Diana Bradfield

Reflections Co-Chair, Spirit Wear Chair



Twitter/X + Instagram Chair

Committee Members

Colleen Evans

Cristina Catan

Gabriela Capuano

Sarah Commisso

Barrett Haga

Lara Neumark

Haydel Ortiz

Halley Coyne

Heidi Gomez

Anna Kiss

Shalini Stewart

Sheryl Schneider

Quetta Robinson

Book Fair Committee

Community Spirit Committee

Community Spirit Committee

Community Spirit Committee

Community Spirit Committee

Community Spirit Committee. Legislative Affairs Committee

Community Spirit Committee, Lion Fest Committee

Fifth Grade Promotion Committee

IDEA Committee

IDEA Committee

International Night Committee

Legislative Affairs Committee

Yearbook Committee​

Join the Leadership Team!

Copy of Green and Light Pink Playful Vegan Join the Team Instagram Post.png
PTA Team 2024-2025.png

LCTA PTA Position Types

There are three different ways to get involved as a LCTA PTA Leader! 


Executive Committee - These roles are elected by our General Membership. They have governing and legal responsibilities to carry out the business of our PTA. Elections were held at the end of the last school year and the positions here have been filled for 2024-2025. If you're interested in learning more about the executive committee for next year, please reach out! We typically start recruiting in March, and we'd love to share more details with you! 


Committee Chair/Co-Chair - These roles provide leadership for specific events or projects organized by the PTA. Chairs/Co-Chairs are appointed by the Officers of the Executive Committee. They are not voted on by our General Membership. Chairs/Co-Chairs are expected to attend monthly Executive Board Meetings. We still have a few Chair positions open, as noted above, and we would love to have you on the team! 


Committee Member - These roles provide support for events or projects organized by the PTA. Committee Members are usually most active in the 1-2 months leading into the project or event they support. They are invited but not required to attend monthly Executive Board Meetings. We always welcome committee members year-round, and we would love to have you on the team! Regardless of how much time you are able to devote, please reach out if you're interested in learning more! We would love to welcome you to the team!

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