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Heritage Book Club Challenge

LCTA PTA Heritage Month Book Club Challenge has begun! Students can win a $50 Target Gift Card!

Cultural appreciation and awareness contribute to building a positive self image. Developing a strong foundation of belonging and acceptance through cultural celebration and education helps children to create a diverse social network while transitioning into adulthood.


What is the Heritage Month Book Club Challenge?

Your child has been invited to join in the PTA’s Heritage Book Club Challenge. Participation is completely optional! There are no requirements to participate except to read as many books as you can and record the titles for the current LCTA Heritage Month being celebrated. 


Does my child earn anything for participating?

Each month one student from each grade level will win a $50 Target gift card and students will be recognized on our Tuesday school-wide announcements and at the monthly PTA meeting. It is a raffle: February winners and March winners will be randomly selected from entry forms submitted by April 30th.  


What if my child doesn’t read 5 books (or reads more)?

To be eligible the student must read at least 5 books and submit the completed form by April 30th


How will students keep track of the books they’ve read?

Students will record the title of each book they read throughout the month (on a physical paper) and then submit the Heritage Book Club Challenge (below) form prior to the deadline. Once they have read 5 or more books they submit the form (only once per month). They can do this from home or at school.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

The Book Challenge is organized by the 360 Inclusion Committee. You can email questions & submissions to:

Suggested Book Lists:

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