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LCTA's 8th Annual International Night 



What:    International Night 2023

When:   Wednesday April 26th, 2023,  5:30- 8:00pm

Where:  Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy Schoolyard

Why:     LCTA is an Elementary School in Old Town Alexandria. This is a special night for our families to come together as the United Nations of Lyles-Crouch. It is a unique example of how in our microcosm of greater Alexandria we are proud to be educated together and to learn from a multitude of rich diverse backgrounds. It is an opportunity for our families to celebrate our differences and celebrate the diversity that make us stronger. 

We will showcase robust musical and dance performances during the evening on our outdoor stage by students and outside performers.


Food Trucks with International food fare will be offering food on the night in the grounds of LCTA

In addition, families provide individually packaged tasty nibbles at their displays.

Contact us: Internationalnight@LCTAPTA.ORG

Chair: Rebecca Maggard

Please indicate your interest in volunteering or showcasing your country/culture and/or co-hosting a table at International Night, by signing up below. Slots are also available if you'd like to showcase a particular dance, song or ceremony of your country/culture on our Lyles-Crouch outdoor stage.

International Night Flyer 2023.png
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