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LCTA eRoar, March 4, 2020

A Beacon of Hope: "School Social Workers – Lighting the Way”

School Social Work Week, March 1-7, honors the skilled social workers providing services to students who face serious challenges to school success, including poverty, disability, discrimination, abuse, addiction, bullying, loss of a loved one, and other barriers to learning. Please join us in offering our thanks for the vital role that social workers provide to students, administrators, teachers, educators, parents, and the community!

Book Fair - March 9-13

We are SO excited for our 2020 JUNGLE themed book fair put on by Scholastic Book Fairs!

If you take a moment to access the page, you will see an option to "get started." That will allow you to create an account for your child that you can safely link to your credit card. The great thing about the ewallet is that you can set a max amount for your child to spend, but you will only be charged what is actually spent.

Please volunteer to help with the various positions we need filled throughout the fair!  We are looking for volunteers to come in shifts to help with opening, closing and working allocated times during the book fair (including Pizza Night on Tuesday).  No experience necessary!

Animal Benefit, March 31st

Join us on March 31st for our 7th annual Animal Benefit...Everybody wants to be a cat in this year' Spring Musical and LCTA's production of "The Aristocats".   All donations benefiting King Street Cats/Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

Register to attend, make a monetary or silent auction donation, submit an animal photo/message or business ad for the program:


ORDER NOW for $30.

LOVELINES FINAL deadline March 6th.  This is a nice way to honor your 5th grade student during their last year at LCTA!

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast - Wednesday March 18th

Each month the PTA sponsors a breakfast for our teachers at LCTA. This month, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will host the breakfast.  Please sign up for what you can bring!  Items need to be delivered to the office the afternoon before or before 7:00 am on the morning of the breakfast.  Thank you so much!

Update on the Outdoor Learning Center!

After years of advocating with ACPS, and having achieved some stop-gap solutions to keep our outdoor play area safe, the PTA is pleased to announce that we have formally submitted a partnership application with ACPS to build a safe, purpose-built, state of the art Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) at Lyles-Crouch. We have had some success with this initial submission and the PTA is collaborating with key personnel at ACPS to see this Outdoor Learning Center come to fruition. This is a multi-year, multi-phase project which if funding is supported, has outcomes projected in 2024. It encompasses; play space redesign, addresses drainage,  along with providing for outdoor learning space to help alleviate pressure from overcrowding in the facility. At this early point in the planning process, we are updating our initial application to include some key deliverables that we would like to see incorporated into the proposed plan. We need your feedback! please complete the survey to submit your feedback to rank the features you would like to see incorporated in the OLC. Please also follow the link if you would like to join the committee to work on this exciting multi-year project. Thank you for your support!

March 1-7 - National School Social Work Week

March 3 - Teacher Work Day

March 4 - Uniform Locker open, before and after school

March 9-13 - Book Fair

March 9, 8am - PTA Executive Board meeting

March 10, 8:30am - school tour

March 10, 5:30pm - Pizza Night at the Book Fair

March 18 - 3rd-5th grade Teacher Breakfast

March 19 - Science Night

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