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LCTA PTA eROAR, August 14, 2020

Kindergarten Kick-off

In lieu of Kindergarten Prep this year, there will be a Kindergarten Kick-off starting August 18 which will consist of personal outreach from a member of the Lyles-Crouch kindergarten team to all families of kindergarteners. 

Sprout School Supplies Available for Pick-up

For those who ordered school supplies from Sprout, you may pick them up Tuesday, August 18 between the hours of 10-11am or 1-2 pm (whatever works best for your schedule). A member of the PTA will meet you at your car curbside in front of school. 

Webinar PTA Meeting with Dr. Zissios Tuesday August 25 at 7pm

At this PTA-sponsored meeting, Dr. Zissios and LCTA Staff will address our community about the upcoming school year and answer questions. If you would like to submit your questions in advance, please use this link

Information on how to access the webinar will be sent next week.  

2019-20 Yearbooks

Not to fear, this book is coming! We will distribute them in September in the same manner we are distributing the Sprout school supplies (curbside pick-up at the school). Our commitment to making the yearbook as meaningful and complete as possible has remained intact, despite the year ending early and the ensuing challenges. We thank you for your patience and are pleased with a quality product that we are certain the students will enjoy and appreciate.  More details to come in September. 

Connect with the LCTA PTA 2020-2021 

Connect with us for the 2020-2021 upcoming school year here.  Complete the sections that interest you: Join the PTA!; enter your email to receive eRoar communications; add your info for our 2020-2021 directory; and/or opt in to participate in a telephone survey (How can the LCTA PTA  represent me?).  This year dues are not required for PTA membership (donation only), and PTA membership is not required to be included in the PTA Directory.

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