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LOOK HOW MUCH WE LOVE OUR LCTA TEAM! This week, in sync with American Education Week and the advent of the Thanksgiving season, we had the opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our teachers and staff at LCTA. In a year like no other, they have been like no other. Gifts from the Lyles-Crouch PTA Community were prepared for each of our teachers and staff (a framed poem about virtual learning!). A small token of thanks for raining such nurturing care on our children’s lives; for steadfast efforts to help our students learn and matter the location of the garden. A special thanks to Kristen Quinlan-Boyce, Courtney Marshall, Brooke Lombardi, Elena Aida, and LCTA students (who contributed to the poetry!) for helping create these gifts. Thank you, as well, to our amazing classroom liaisons who so effectively and creatively coordinated efforts on the class level.

On behalf of the entire PTA Community, THANK YOU to our LCTA team. Truly, we cannot “mask”

our gratitude, Melissa Carstens

PTA President

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