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How to be an Official LCTA Volunteer

Volunteer Application Process:

  1. Individuals 18 and older must complete and submit the Volunteer Application. A background check will be performed on all applicants. The process is free of charge to volunteers. ACPS is investing in this service as part of its commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for students.

  2. A background check will then be completed.

  3. Once approved, you will receive an email with additional information and next steps.  One of those next steps is a verification check before receiving your volunteer badge.  

  4. After those steps are completed, you are an official ACPS volunteer!

Volunteer Application Renewal Process (annually):

If you are current or past volunteer you are not required to complete a new application. 

Instead, please follow the link to complete a renewal.

Feel free to visit the ACPS Volunteer Page for more information.

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