360 Inclusion Committee

Picture this; your family smiling, learning about and celebrating the cultures, traditions and uniqueness of EVERY family at a Lyles Crouch PTA event.

Imagine your children running into the house overflowing with excitement to share the fun they had learning about their friends’ unique life experiences at a new and exciting monthly inclusion event .

This is the purpose of the of the 360 Inclusion Committee.  It was created to help ensure unity, cultural competency, and equity in our school community.

The mission of the 360 Committee is to promote inclusion, combat bias, promote equality, and celebrate diversity within the LCTA community.  Our goal is for our diverse network of families to feel welcomed, represented and respected.  Our 2020-21 board has made this a priority in our agenda and are proud to have board members April Bryant and Alexis Doxey lead this effort. 

Participating in the 360 committee is easy and will not commit you to an ongoing string of events!  Simply email 360inclusioncommittee@lctapta.org  & request to be added to the group. You will then receive our monthly committee meeting information.  Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00PM.

Check out our Heritage & Inclusion PTA Event Calendar. We need parents with insights, personal experiences and ideas to virtually attend committee meetings so that this inclusion goal becomes a reality!

2020 Successes for Inclusion & Diversity initiatives include:

  • Translators for PTA meetings  (Amharic interpreters currently; please contact for additional languages)

  • 2020-21 Diversity, Inclusion and Disability  Awareness Calendar for LCTA PTA

  • No cost to join PTA

  • Student directory available to everyone (Parents opt into sharing level of information they want)

  • Community Connect