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Book Fair 2023

The PTA sponsors a yearly Scholastic Book Fair Week!


The dates for this year's Fair are set:



















Book Fair: Monday, September 18 - Friday, September 23, 2023!

Students in all grades will have access to the Book Fair during the school day this week!


The Fair will be open to students only during the school day, and they will be able to make purchases with cash and e-wallets.

Set up your e-wallet here

E-Wallet Set up Steps: 
1. Sign in. Or create a secure Scholastic account to get started using this link: Create one eWallet for each child.
2. Add funds. Use a credit card to add money. Share your eWallet link with friends and family—anyone can contribute!
3. Done! Now your child can shop the Fair using a printable bar code or name lookup at the register.


Fair opening times to families:

Monday: 2:45pm-3:15pm open to families

Tuesday: 5pm-7:30pm Book Fair Family Night with Kona Ice Food Truck

Wednesday: 2:45pm-3:15pm open to families

Thursday: 2:45pm-3:15pm open to families

Don't miss Book Fair Family Night on Tuesday 9/19 at 5pm with Kona Ice!


If you're able to volunteer to help us with running the Book Fair next week, your help is much appreciated! You can sign up here.

Cash, Credit Cards and e-wallets accepted!

*Please note that once money is added to e-wallet, it can only be used for purchases (including online purchases) and no refunds are issued by Scholastic.

All sales are tax free!

50% of proceeds from the Fair comes back to

the school! Last year we were able to purchase

nearly 400 books for our school library!

Support your teachers!

Teachers can also create e-wallets and

students can donate any amount to their e-wallet that

teachers can then use to purchase books! You can also purchase a book from your teacher's wish list during the Fair!

Book Fair Family Night with Kona Ice: Tuesday 9/19 from 5-7:30 pm
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