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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." - Coretta Scott King


In light of the COVID-19 situation, our LCTA PTA board is brainstorming on how we as a community can best strengthen and encourage one another as we balance work, distance-learning, childcare, and self-care while keeping worries — both our children’s and our own — under control.    



We don’t have to do it alone. This program is designed to connect LCTA community members to each other to provide support and foster relationships.  And also a way for parents to connect and share ideas regarding home schooling, fun projects, etc.  



This program is for any parent in the LCTA Community (PTA membership not required). Enroll below if you could use an extra ear and if you could provide one. We are hopeful that everyone in our community participates in this initiative. 


How does it work?:

Approximately one week after enrolling, you will receive an email with your partner’s name.

Every month, each partner reports back to our PTA Community Connect lead that they have made contact with their partner. 


Our hope is that this program will provide a means through which we can truly be there for each other and we highly encourage you to participate! 


At any juncture, we welcome questions/ feedback on how the program is working for you and for those you serve.

This program is off and running!  Over 30 community members have been matched and are finding support in one another:


"Joining the LCTA Community Connect was a gamechanger for me. After years of being on the peripheral of the school and not knowing many parents because of my work schedule, I decided to sign on to Parent Connect without expectations. I was paired with a perfect group of moms. One was already a friend and the other a new one. Together, our trio discussed how we wanted to foster a more inclusive and diverse atmosphere for parents. It's been a wonderful experience. I highly encourage any parents who want to get know new people to sign up. Most importantly, you can't have too many advocates helping and cheering you on during your child's school years. Two thumbs way up for this program. I'm so excited for Fall 2020!"

- Community Connect Participant 

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