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Current and Upcoming LCTA PTA Happenings

A big thank you to our wonderful LCTA community for supporting Nurse Wood and her family to enjoy a cruise together which they have recently returned from. This was a special chance for their family to enjoy time together as they travel through difficult and uncertain times in their lives. Thank you to all our families for your kindness and support to help make this happen!


2019-2020 PTA Board

As we prepare for all the PTA events and activities through the end of the school year, we are looking ahead to the new school term. It has been my great pleasure to serve you as President and I am excited to present the PTA board slate for the incoming board. We will have a public vote held in conjunction with the Animal Benefit on April 9th.  Please see the proposed incoming board outlined below.

Please join me in thanking our outgoing board members for their tireless commitment and volunteer hours at school; Leslie Golden, Tricia Holley, Courtney Marshall, Brooke McDonough, Marguerite Rippy.

  • President - Katie Palavecino

  • VP - Melissa Carstens

  • Secretary - Margaret McKinnon

  • Treasurer - Kelly Wurtz-Stout

  • VP Fundraising - Whitney Williams & Michele Clementi

  • VP Community Spirit - Brooke Lombardi & Marissa Sparacino

  • VP Marketing & Communications - Elena Aida & Katie Attiken

  • VP Family Involvement in Education - Sheila Kennett Johnson

  • VP Strategic & Legislative Affairs - Shane Greer

Please note: There are lots of open volunteer opportunities for the upcoming year which we will be posting soon.

Book Fair!

Thank you to all the many volunteers who gave of their time to help us run this event most especially Melissa Doney who took this on with a newborn at home and back to work the very week of bookfair! Thank you Melissa for embodying the spirit of ROARS!

We raised approx. $2700 for the PTA which we will be contributing in full to our school library to support the purchase of new books.

Dr. Hutchings Addresses Lyles-Crouch, April 3rd, 8:00am Library

Don’t miss this important meeting with Dr. Hutchings. Please join the PTA community in attending. For more information click here

Character Counts:  As children prepare for Animal Benefit, we will be collecting pet supplies for King Street Cats and  the Alexandria Welfare League of Alexandria starting on March 25 through the April 9th benefit. Please consider donating the following:

For King Street Cats -

* Pet Store Gift Cards

* Wet & Dry Cat Food

* Adult Canned: Friskies non-fish preferred; Fancy Feast any flavor

* Adult Dry food: Any

* Kitten food: KMR canned/powdered; Fancy Feast; Wellness; Gerber chicken-flavored baby food

* Fresh Step Clay Litter and Feline Pine Litter only please

* Scratching Posts

* Cat Toys

* Feliway Refills

* Paper Towels

* Large trash bags

For the Animal Welfare League - we will be collecting anything animal or dog related to include: all kinds of pet food, especially for dogs, dog beds, toys (especially Kong’s), newspapers, leashes and collars.

Kindergarten/First Grade Parent Social

April 1, Society Fair, 7:30-9:30pm


Yearbooks can be ordered here for $30. Order your yearbook while supplies last. This is a keepsake you will not want to miss

 Afterschool Programs

Registration for Spring session has been extended and there have been some changes to the program-Click here to register for the third and final Spring Session Afterschool program.

Note-if you want to be assured as a bus rider for ASP, you must register by March 11th.

FOR BUS RIDERS-ASP BUSES TIMES CAN VARY IN SCHEDULED DROP OFF TIMES. They are coming from other schools so please plan for up to a 30 minute variance in drop off times.

Animal Benefit, April 9th

Visit to register to attend, make a donation or submit an animal photo/message for the program.

We invite you to submit an advertisement for your business in the program guide. Visit the website.

Teacher Breakfast, March 20th (all grades)

Sign-up here to contribute to the teacher breakfast. All grades can participate in this month’s breakfast 

Safe Streets

We want to hear from you. Complete the survey:


March 15th -Teacher work day, no school

March 18th - 6:00pm Library, Planning meeting for families signed up or interested to present at Int. Night.

March 19, 2:30-3:30 pm, Uniform Locker  March 20th -Teacher Breakfast, all grades

April 3rd - 8:00am, Library, Dr. Hutchings Address 

April 4, 7:45 - 8:30 am, Uniform Locker 

April 8th - 8:00am, Library, PTA Executive Board Meeting (open to all)

April 9th - 6:00pm, MPR, Animal Benefit

April 15th - April 22nd, No School

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