Current and Upcoming LCTA PTA Happenings


We have unveiled the Supernova or “donut hole” as the children affectionately call it! Shortly, the perimeter fencing surrounding the Super Dome will be removed. Work is complete and there are some last details being attended to. This completes the PTA efforts to see the removal of the broken/dangerous equipment and its’ replacement with two new pieces of equipment. Next up!-the complete redesign of our outdoor space. This is an effort which will take multi-years and talented parental resources to help see this through. If you have younger children in the school and would like to be a part of this initiative, please contact Kim:

Walk-a-Thon! – 2 weeks out and 35K to go!!!!

We need your support. Dr. Zissios tasked us with this tall endeavor, no continuous fundraising during the year, one big push-one big event. A goal to raise 45k! We need to do this together. Please sponsor your child and circulate the fundraising link amongst families and friends.

Sign up to volunteer.

Calling all Military Families!

Join the school in celebration of Veterans Day with our special assembly in the MPR on November 9th-9:00am.

Coffee and donuts will be provided by the PTA at drop off for our military families.

Use this opportunity to learn about the Military families committee forming with the support of the PTA. Meet other military families, share resources and advocate for your needs together at our school and in your community.

Picture Day - October 22nd

Make sure to complete the paperwork for picture day sent home in your child’s backpack.

Send your child to school in their clean uniform and with a comb/brush.

Thank you those parents who signed up to volunteer to help.

Member Directory

We’re hard at work on the PTA Member Directory! We will distribute it by the end of the month.

Character Counts Opportunity - November 3rd

Volunteer to honor our arriving Veterans at DCA on the 1st Flight at 9:00 AM. For those interested, meet our LCTA parent volunteer Annette Maldonado at 8:15 AM by the Chick-fil-A in Terminal C before security.