LCTA PTA eROAR, June 10, 2020

Please join us for our June General Membership Meeting, TODAY June 10th at 6:00PM. Special Guest Speaker: ACPS Office of Student Services and Equity How we are addressing "race & racism" in our schools; What we are doing to support our students & how we are educating staff;  and What you can do as a community to support this change. To join, please use the following link or meeting id and password in the Zoom app. For security, please use the name "Parent of ...". Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 844 8612 0445 Password: 144434 Feedback During this unprecedented time we welcome any feedback you have for the LCTA PTA. Feel free to visit our feedback survey at any time. It will remain up on our website and continue to evolve. Community Connect Program This program is off and running!  Over 30 community members have been matched and are finding support in one is never to late to sign up!   Introducing our Community Connect Program: Are you new to our community, or now find yourself with more time and want to grow your connections with other families in LCTA? Could you use a resource who has experience at the school or in the community to help answer your questions, bounce ideas about and help you navigate this remote learning and new normal we are all struggling to embrace. This program is designed to connect LCTA community members to one another to provide support and foster relationships. This program is an opportunity to encourage one another as we balance work, distance-learning, childcare, and self-care while keeping worries — both our children’s and our own — under control. This is a program guided by the PTA under the direction of Dr. Zissios and is an opportunity to form new friendships and strengthen the bonds in our community. Enrollment: Sprout School Supplies (order by June 30th) Get your back-to-school shopping done in minutes and never leave home with the Lyles Crouch Traditional Academy back-to-school supplier. The exact, teacher approved supplies for every grade level are just a couple clicks away at: School Code: LCTA001 Order deadline is July 14th. Yearbook (order by August 9th) ORDER NOW for $30.   (Staff members, please email me, in order to reserve your yearbook, there is no online payment option for the $20 price) With several of our beloved events not happening this school year we would love to add a learning at home section to our yearbook!  Please email photos of your students learning at home and any special projects/creative activities to: (please remember to send photos in the highest resolution possible for optimal printing) View previous eROARs: LCTA PTA Latest News Upcoming: June 10, 6pm - June General Membership Meeting July 15, 7pm - July General Membership Meeting


Parent Pick up Schedule of Student Belongings - June 17th-19th We will be distributing all student belongings (left by students in their respective classrooms at the time school closed on March 13th) starting on June 17th and going through June 19th.  We will have parents come over the course of these three days based on the STUDENT'S LAST NAME.  To maintain strict guidelines for social distancing and limited access to the school, the belongings will be placed in plastic trash bags and delivered to the parent's car or placed on a table for the parent to pick up in front of the school.  We are also requesting the return of items belonging to the school.  Please bring back any library books, reading resource materials, classroom books, instruments and the like.  There will be yellow labeled collection bins in front of the school for these items