LCTA PTA eROAR, September 30, 2020

A Message from the PTA President The 360 Committee officially launched our monthly “Coffee Conversations" (a discussion from a multicultural perspective to increase awareness and inclusivity at LCTA) yesterday evening with Matias Palavecino leading the conversation. Matias shared memories of his childhood before immigrating with his parents and siblings to the United States from Santiago, Chile. He also shared what life was like after arriving in the United States and how his family kept their Chilean traditions alive. This sparked a lively discussion about the Chilean and Hispanic culture. One of the traditions we learned about is "Once," Chile's version of tea time (pronounced on-se). Each family observes Once in their own way, but usually with bread, avocados, palta (jam), hot tea/cocoa, and in Matias' family, with strawberry smoothies! This was once of Matias' favorite childhood memories. We talked about how food and bonding truly go hand-in-hand and how food can be a thread for connecting people from different backgrounds. Matias shared what it was like to come to this country as a young child and to not speak English, and to then help his parents learn English. We discussed ways that we as a community can better support and welcome students and families in this situation, and we talked about the importance of acknowledging that ethnicity and race can be different.

Also highlighted was the book list Ms. Powell put together (please refer to the link below in the newsletter). These books are a wonderful resource for introducing our children to Hispanic Heritage month. The idea was also mentioned to share with our children Disney-Pixar's "Coco" (a film where an aspiring young musician journeys to the land of his ancestors and uncovers the mysteries behind his family's traditions and stories).

And last but not least - we learned that the grapes and avocados are particularly amazing from Chile and that there is an authentic Chilean pastry shop on route 1 called "Tango Pastry" with the best empanadas!

Matias said that it was truly a pleasure for him to sit down and think about his Hispanic heritage in preparation for this presentation. He challenged us all to take a minute and think about what brought us joy growing up. Especially during this time, this can be a therapeutic and meaningful exercise!

You can find a clip from Matias' presentation and accompanying slide on the PTA 360 Inclusion website.

Thank you to Matias, our 360 Inclusion Committee co-chairs April Bryant and Alexis Doxey, and our 360 teacher liaison Ms. Powell for organizing this delightful evening. Thank you to Dr. Zissios, Ms. Ricks, Ms. Yonkers, and Ms. Davis for participating and supporting. And of course - many thanks to all who attended; we truly appreciated your presence and comments!

Our next Coffee Conversation in October will be hosted by another parent in our community, Danielle Epps, who will focus on Disability Awareness. Stay tuned!


They are coming!! We appreciate your patience. The Yearbook is an enormous volunteer undertaking and it takes countless hours to produce such a keepsake for families to enjoy. This year has been ever more challenging with how the school year ended. We aim to ensure that no child or family is left out. Tracking down photos was a lot of extra effort with everything and everyone operating remotely. 

Please support our PTA and its’ tireless volunteers in their efforts. Be kind! The yearbook is with the printing plant and will arrive before October 31. If you are willing to help in the undertaking of distribution of yearbooks (curbside at the school), please contact: