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Vision for Outdoor Learning Center - January 13th - 8:00am Library

Vision for Outdoor Learning Center (Presentation by LCTA neighbor and advocate, Sherry Schiller) - January 13th - 8:00am Library

It's Time!  Share in the dream of a new purpose-built Outdoor Learning Center for LCTA!   With our facility bursting at the seams and no room to add on, it's time to make better use of our outdoor space.  Never professionally designed or built with the current student enrollment in mind, its layout, surfaces, and equipment are dysfunctional, inadequate, unsafe and seasonally limited.  We are looking to extend our learning to the outdoors with a safe, purpose-built, state-of-the-art outdoor learning center and grounds.  Join the collaboration of parents, grandparents, staff, faculty, neighbors, and concerned citizens working with ACPS to see LCTA’s Outdoor Learning Center become a reality.  It is time to advocate for our school and our students. 

Join us for this important discussion!  We need your support.

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