LCTA Outdoor Learning Center

Imagine a wisely-curated, well-loved, fully-used Outdoor Learning Center snuggled next to Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy.

During the school day, aspiring athletes and ambitious academics play there to integrate classroom learning, experience teamwork, build friendships, forge lifelong exercise habits, develop a sense of fairness, and just let off steam.

After school, on weekends, and during the summer, it’s filled with neighborhood families pushing strollers and guiding toddlers; local children shooting hoops til dusk; elderly women resting and talking together quietly; the lone child seeking refuge from chaotic, cramped home lives.

Because the existing play space falls so far short of fulfilling the needs of this iconic, diverse school community—and because the gap between what should be and what is has existed for a decade or more, a group of caring community members has decided to step up and make it happen.

Our children and our neighborhood deserve a functional, safe, purpose-designed Outdoor Learning Center. And we deserve it now. So, we’ve formed an LCTA Outdoor Learning Center Campaign to guarantee the creation of a dynamic Outdoor Learning Center worthy of the legacy of Lyles Crouch—one on par with those installed at other City schools, one where children of all ages can play.


Please help us ensure the City and ACPS commit the resources to build a Lyles-Crouch Outdoor Learning Center where all children can play safely and joyfully. We invite you to play with us by visiting us here or emailing

ABOUT THE KIDS: The Case for LCTA ‘s Outdoor Learning Center​

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