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A PTA Message As We Prepare to Head Back to School Tomorrow 3/4

Our PTA is a diverse community of volunteer parents passionately dedicated to supporting students, empowering teachers, and advocating tirelessly for the welfare of our entire community.

To that end, we have been diligently working on strategies to effectively advocate for and support our community in light of the incident on 3/1. Our focus on ensuring the safety and mental well-being of our students, teachers and staff is paramount as we move to assisting with the healing process for this amazing community that is Lyles-Crouch. We understand parents’ concern regarding information release, and acknowledge that this is an active police investigation.

As we prepare to send our children to school tomorrow, it's essential that we place our trust in our school's processes and management. They are committed to caring for, supporting, and assisting our students at every turn. The top priority is to maintain a student-centered and learning-oriented environment as we progress in our journey towards learning more and healing.

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