Current and Upcoming LCTA PTA Happenings

Book Fair!

Want to give a book to your teacher-Check out the teacher wish lists in the MPR!! There are still books that teachers would love to have gifted to their class-see the big yellow board in MPR.

Thank you to all the many volunteers who gave of their time to help us run this event this week. A special thank you to those who helped set-up and also those who jumped in to fill open slots. It is a favorite event of the children and teachers alike.

We are still open for the following hours; today Wed until 4:30pm and Thursday from 7:30am-8:30am.

We are also still in need of volunteers for close out on Thursday at 8:30-noon. Sign-up here

Dr. Hutchings Addresses Lyles-Crouch, April 3rd, 8:00am Library

Come to this important morning presentation where our Superintendent, Dr. Hutchings, will discuss the next steps in addressing our school division's needs. This is an important opportunity to hear plans for ACPS which will impact your children as they advance in their school years in our district and also discuss issues facing our school. We are privileged to have an audience with Dr. Hutchings. Please join the PTA community in attending.

Character Counts:  As children prepare for Animal Benefit, we will be collecting pet supplies for King Street Cats and  the Alexandria Welfare League of Alexandria starting on March 25 through the April 9th benefit. Please consider donating the following:

For King Street Cats -

* Pet Store Gift Cards

* Wet & Dry Cat Food

* Adult Canned: Friskies non-fish preferred; Fancy Feast any flavor

* Adult Dry food: Any

* Kitten food: KMR canned/powdered; Fancy Feast; Wellness; Gerber chicken-flavored baby food

* Fresh Step Clay Litter and Feline Pine Litter only please

* Scratching Posts

* Cat Toys

* Feliway Refills

* Paper Towels

* Large trash bags

For the Animal Welfare League - we will be collecting anything animal or dog related to include: all kinds of pet food, especially for dogs, dog beds, toys (especially Kong’s), newspapers, leashes and collars.

Kindergarten/First Grade Parent Social

April 1, Society Fair, 7:30-9:30pm