LCTA eRoar, December 18, 2019

After School Programs Session 1

Ending Dates: Tuesday classes - December 17, Wednesday classes - December 11 (except for basketball which ends December 18), Thursday classes - December 19

You will start to see information regarding Session 2 after the holiday break!

Class Photos!

Don't worry you have not missed them!  We are working on the final touches and they will be distributed after the holiday break.

Animal Crusaders Towel and Blanket Drive

After the holidays, Animal Crusaders will be doing a towel and blanket drive for the puppies, kittens and bunnies in the animal shelters. During the winter the animals might be cold so we want to keep them warm and dry to help them toward their future homes.

Over the holiday break, collect your unused blankets and towels. Bring them to school after the holidays and drop them in the bins in the lobby. We will be collecting until January 17th! We thank you for helping homeless animals and giving them your holiday cheer.

Join the Special Education Committee for a meeting on January 10th at 8am at the Firehook Bakery

The Special Education Committee of the PTA engages with the LCTA community to increase disability awareness and explore ways to better support LCTA's students receiving special education services and their families. In addition to developing specialized programs and support networks for these families, through outreach and education, the Committee strives to further foster a culture of inclusion, mutual respect and understanding for all within our LCTA community.

See our informational flyer below for more information!

International Night 

We are up to 19 countries signed up to showcase their cultures on International Night! Join them! To learn more....

International Night Website


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