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LCTA PTA eROAR, June 17, 2020


Connect with the LCTA PTA 2020-2021 

Connect with us for the 2020-2021 upcoming school year here.  Complete the sections that interest you: Join the PTA!; enter your email to receive eRoar communications; add your info for our 2020-2021 directory; and/or opt in to participate in a telephone survey (How can the LCTA PTA  represent me?).  This year dues are not required for PTA membership (donation only), and PTA membership is not required to be included in the PTA Directory.

June General Membership Meeting Recap

In light of recent events, we hosted a forum on race and racial equity, moderated by Kennetra Wood, ACPS Director of Alternative Programs and Equity.  The ZOOM format had over fifty participants and resulted in an out pouring of support for our upcoming 360 Inclusion Committee (led by April Bryant) to support our work on addressing cultural competence and equity at LCTA (see Powerpoint of the presentation).  We have work ahead of us and are looking forward to having every family participate in a meaningful way to support all our children.  Please reach out to our PTA President, Melissa Carstens, for further information.


During this unprecedented time we welcome any feedback you have for the LCTA PTA. Feel free to visit our feedback survey at any time. It will remain up on our website and continue to evolve.

Community Connect Program

This program is off and running!  Over 30 community members have been matched and are finding support in one another:

"Joining the LCTA Community Connect was a gamechanger for me. After years of being on the peripheral of the school and not knowing many parents because of my work schedule, I decided to sign on to Parent Connect without expectations. I was paired with a perfect group of moms. One was already a friend and the other a new one. Together, our trio discussed how we wanted to foster a more inclusive and diverse atmosphere for parents. It's been a wonderful experience. I highly encourage any parents who want to get know new people to sign up. Most importantly, you can't have too many advocates helping and cheering you on during your child's school years. Two thumbs way up for this program. I'm so excited for Fall 2020!"

- Community Connect Participant 

Are you new to our community, or now find yourself with more time and want to grow your connections with other families in LCTA? Could you use a resource who has experience at the school or in the community to help answer your questions, bounce ideas about and help you navigate this remote learning and new normal we are all struggling to embrace. This program is designed to connect LCTA community members to one another to provide support and foster relationships. This program is an opportunity to encourage one another as we balance work, distance-learning, childcare, and self-care while keeping worries — both our children’s and our own — under control. This is a program guided by the PTA under the direction of Dr. Zissios and is an opportunity to form new friendships and strengthen the bonds in our community.

Sprout School Supplies (order by June 30th)

Get your back-to-school shopping done in minutes and never leave home with the Lyles Crouch Traditional Academy back-to-school supplier. The exact, teacher approved supplies for every grade level are just a couple clicks away at: School Code: LCTA001

Order deadline is July 14th.

Yearbook (order by August 9th)

ORDER NOW for $30.  

(Staff members, please email me, in order to reserve your yearbook, there is no online payment option for the $20 price)

With several of our beloved events not happening this school year we would love to add a learning at home section to our yearbook!  Please email photos of your students learning at home and any special projects/creative activities to:

(please remember to send photos in the highest resolution possible for optimal printing)

View previous eROARs: LCTA PTA Latest News


July 15, 7pm - July General Membership Meeting


Summer Learning

This year, summer learning is being offered to ALL students in ACPS!! The Summer Learning for All program will begin for elementary students on Monday, July 6th and conclude on Friday, July 31st. Students will be receiving a kit in the mail to accompany the class meetings they can choose to participate in using Clever and Canvas. You will be assigned to a teacher who will instruct and guide you through LOTS of fun learning activities in the kit.

Tucker PTA Virtual Town Hall - June 17th, 6:00PM

The Samuel Tucker PTA invites all ACPS stakeholders to a Virtual Town Hall with Virginia’s Secretary of Education, State Senate Majority Leader and ACPS Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Hutchings, on Wednesday, June 17 at 6:00 PM. The PTA will be hosting this town hall in a secure Zoom webinar format open to all parents, staff, and teachers from across ACPS. We expect a large turnout given the Governor's recent announcement about the reopening of schools.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions via the Zoom Q & A feature, or preferably, by submitting questions when you RSVP for the event.


  • Virginia Secretary of Education Atif Qarni 

  • Virginia State Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw.

  • ACPS Superintendent Dr. Gregory Hutchings, Jr

RSVP via the following link: Tucker PTA Virtual Town Hall

Parent Pick up Schedule of Student Belongings - June 17th-19th

We will be distributing all student belongings (left by students in their respective classrooms at the time school closed on March 13th) starting on June 17th and going through June 19th.  We will have parents come over the course of these three days based on the STUDENT'S LAST NAME.  To maintain strict guidelines for social distancing and limited access to the school, the belongings will be placed in plastic trash bags and delivered to the parent's car or placed on a table for the parent to pick up in front of the school.  We are also requesting the return of items belonging to the school.  Please bring back any library books, reading resource materials, classroom books, instruments and the like.  There will be yellow labeled collection bins in front of the school for these items 

On your scheduled pick up day (SEE CHART BELOW), we ask that parents write the student(s) name(s), grade(s) and teacher's(s') name(s) on a large sheet of paper to place on the car's dashboard (if driving to the school) or to hold up for staff to see (if walking to LCTA) to facilitate the retrieval of the bags from inside the school.  If driving, please use the front of the school that is designated as our drop off/pick up area (immediately in front of the building).  If walking, please come to the front of the school and wait by the benches near the circle.  LCTA staff will be on hand to assist everyone.  Once your belongings are brought outside, they will be placed on a table in front of you.  You may then pick them up from the table.  If a driver wants the bag placed directly into the car's trunk, inform the LCTA staff member to do so once you open the trunk for them. We ask that you wear a mask and maintain a proper distance from staff when coming to the school.  Thank you.

SCHEDULE FOR STUDENT BELONGINGS PICKUP (please follow the schedule; contact Dr. Zissios if you have a conflict)

  • Wednesday, June 17th: 10 a.m.-12 noon - Last names beginning with A B C D

  • Wednesday, June 17th: 1 p.m.-3 p.m. - Last names beginning with E F G H

  • Thursday, June 18th: 10 a.m.-12 noon  - Last names beginning with I J K L

  • Thursday, June 18th: 1 p.m.-3 p.m. - Last names beginning with M N O P

  • Friday, June 19th: 10 a.m.-12 noon - Last names beginning with Q R S T U

  • Friday, June 19th: 1 p.m.-3 p.m. - Last names beginning with V W X Y Z

Keeping Busy

Keeping Active with Mr. Abed!

Hello from Mr. Abed!  Check out his latest wevideo, TC Soccer Season recap

Library with Mrs. Knoll

This week Mrs. Knoll is reading a book for all the curious kids out there.  The kids who question.  The kids who like to figure out how and why.  Read along with Mrs. Knoll as she reads, Ada Twist Scientist.

Aristocats Preview!!

Some of the students who participated in the Aristocats program put together a video of what you could have seen and possibly could see next school year. Take a look at all of their hard work! For copyright reasons, please do not post to social media.  

Music with Ms. Seto

Check out Ms. Seto's last blog posts of the year on Wednesday and Friday:

Student Support Team June Newsletter In the final edition of the LCTA Distance Learning Newsletter for 2019-2020 school year, we highlight timely resources to address social injustice with your children and supporting students with the end of the school year and transition to summer.  Read the full newsletter here.  Remember, you can request support from the SST using our check in form here.

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