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LCTA PTA eROAR, November 17, 2021

LION FEST! Prize Assembly, Friday, November 19th


Our students will have a fun outside assembly for the Reflections Awards and the Lion Fest raffle this Friday!

Find the new schedule here:

9:00-9:30 K & 1st

9:45-10:15 2nd & 3rd

10:30-11:00 4th & 5th

There will be a DJ, there will be art, and lots of LCTA team spirit before we are heading into Thanksgiving break!

Parents can come and observe - and maybe dance a bit to stay warm!


To see donations made in benefit of your child please email:

Class Photos were taken during the event. Please purchase your child's 5x7 photo here for $5.

REFLECTIONS AWARDS! Prize Assembly, Friday, November 19th

Thank you for all the wonderful submissions for our Reflections program! There will be an outdoor assembly to announce the Reflections winners during the Lion Fest prize assembly on November 19th! All parents are invited for the celebrations and awards. Please follow the schedule for the Lion Fest raffle to find your child's time slot.

Community Connect 360 Inclusion Celebration: National Native American Heritage Month

A monthly celebration of the diversity of the LCTA community

November is National Native American Heritage Month! American Indians and Alaskan Natives served valiantly in our Armed Forces in overwhelming numbers after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Among a total Native American population of 350,000, approximately 44,000 served on active duty, including more than 6,000 Alaskan Natives in the Alaska Territorial Guard. Their valiant service garnered many distinguished medals and honors, including the Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Air Medal, and Distinguished Service Cross. Three service members earned the Congressional Medal of Honor-the highest military award granted in the country.

This interactive map shows which Indigenous land we live on (hint: Piscataway). You can learn more about Alexandria's Native American history here and find books and other resources here.

LCTA Library Wishlist

Is your birthday coming up? If so, then please consider donating a new book to our LCTA library in honor of your special day! It’ s easy! Just choose a book off our LCTA library Amazon wish list, purchase it in hardback or library binding, and drop it off at the library. We will put a special book plate inside the book with your name and birthday on it, and announce your gift over the morning announcements on your birthday.

Connect with the LCTA PTA 2021-2022

Connect with us for the 2021-2022 upcoming school year here. Join the PTA!, enter your email to receive eRoar communications, add your info for our 2021-2022 directory. This year dues are not required for PTA membership (donation only), and PTA membership is not required to be included in the PTA Directory.

COVID-19 Surveillance Testing:

On 25 October, ACPS began COVID-19 surveillance testing at all schools. In order for students to get tested, parents must opt in for the program EACH WEEK. The goal is to have 30% of students tested in order for the program to be effective.

Please visit this link in order to register:

More details on the program can be found here:

Substitute Teachers Needed!

To help fill the shortage of substitutes, we encourage parents to apply to be substitutes at the following link:


LCTA is excited to once again team up with KidCreate in Alexandria and offer a variety of art kits. The kits will be available before winter break and delivered directly to school.

Also, check out upcoming events and Thanksgiving week camps at Kidcreate.


November 17th - Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

November 19th - Lion Fest Assembly + Reflections Awards Assembly

November 22-26 - Thanksgiving Holiday, No School

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