LCTA PTA eROAR, September 21, 2020

Week two of virtual learning is under our belt! One day at a time.

We are pleased that the Nuts and Bolts last week (Wednesday, September 16) had a good turnout and a lot of helpful information was presented about the programs at LCTA. The PTA 2020-21 budget was also presented and adopted and can be found HERE.  The meeting minutes and slide presentations can be found HERE on the PTA website.

If possible, I encourage you to take a moment and express acknowledgement for all the extra hours and effort our teachers and staff are pouring into learning and executing our new virtual platform. An email to Dr. Zissios or Ms. Ricks about the ways your student's teacher is making things work, an email to Dr. Hutchings about dedicated ACPS staff, or an email directly to your teacher with just a simple thank you would mean a lot at this time. Things are not perfect - but that only makes the kindness especially meaningful! 

VirtualPLUS+ Feedback

If you are interested in sharing your VirtualPlus+ learning experiences so far or sharing your thoughts about potential in-person learning, please contact our VP of Legislative and Strategic Affairs, Janice Kupiec at

Janice will share your feedback with the ACPS Board of Education members. Parents are also free to contact the Board of Education and Dr. Hutchings directly: or use this link to access the online form.

Zoom Issues on Chromebooks If your student is having audio/visual issues on their Chromebook during Zoom, please email the Helpdesk with the information below. The Helpdesk does feel that they have pinpointed an element that might be causing the issue and they are currently working on a solution. 

Email the Helpdesk at: